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CBN News Asks Dr. Josh Axe Your Questions About the Coronavirus Outbreak


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CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson spoke with Dr. Josh Axe, a doctor of chiropractic, certified doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist to ask him your latest questions about the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here are the questions being addressed in this Q&A:

Cindy: Do eyeglass cleaners work good for handi-wipe since there is a shortage of hand sanitizer?

Joy: My family has lowered her immune system. Should I be concerned that the pharmacists who are filling her multiple medications are not wearing a mask or shield?

Susan:What if you think you had the COVID-19 virus in December and January; do you need a test?

Patsy: Is it safe to continue walking outside as long as I stay from close contact with other people?

Helen: Can mosquitoes transmit coronavirus if they bite you?

Carol: Am I more likely to pick up the virus because one family member is still working out in the workplace?

Angie: If I possibly have the virus, how long am I contagious?

Joy: If someone who has the coronavirus prepares your food, can eating that food make you sick?

You can submit new questions to us for our next Q&A at  or click here

We are answering them in the order in which we receive them.

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