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Cancer Doc Tells Gospel Singer: 'Your God' Replaced Tumors with a Baby


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Gospel singer Blair Monique Walker says God removed her uterine tumor and replaced it with a baby. The Christian artist who sang background vocals for gospel favorites like Smokie Norful, Earnest Pugh, Ted Winn and Beverly Crawford, posted her amazing testimony on Facebook and Instagram, saying people "need to hear about what God can still do."

The 31-year-old said she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Her doctors told her she needed a hysterectomy, which is a surgery to remove the uterus, meaning she would not be able to become pregnant in the future. Her surgery was scheduled October 12th.

Walker said in the days leading up to her surgery, her husband, musician husband Terrence Walker tried to encourage her with words like, "If you're sad it's going to be bad." During those hard times, she was dealing with a great deal of physical pain, to the point where she could hardly get out of bed, even to go to church.

Walker recalls praying to God while preparing for the surgery. When the day arrived for her to visit her surgeon for a pre-operative visit, she says something amazing happened. The purpose of the visit was for the surgeon to look at an ultrasound of Blair's uterus to see the size of the cancerous growth. 

Instead, not only was the tumor gone, there was a baby growing in Blair's uterus instead. "He looked at me and said, 'It looks like your God removed all of your tumors and left you with a baby,'" Blair said.

With tears in her eyes, Walker closed-out her posts by showing off her "baby bump."

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