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The Author of the Final Solution: 'Operation Finale' Tells True Story of the Capture of Adolf Eichmann


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Watch this Studio 5 preview of the new movie Operation Finale. 

A new movie opened in theaters this week that is not your typical summer action adventure. But the film packs a lot of drama none the less.

The movie is titled Operation Finale and is the true story of how Jewish Nazi hunters found and captured Adolf Eichmann, the man responsible for the planning of Adolf Hitler's Final Solution in which millions of people were murdered during World War II.

The movie stars Oscar Isaac, Ben Kingsley, Lior Raz, Mélanie Laurent, Nick Kroll, and Joe Alwyn. The story follows the efforts of Israeli Mossad officers to capture former SS Officer Eichmann, played by Kingsley, in Argentina in 1960. 

Eichman was appointed by top Nazi officials in 1942 to coordinate the identification, assembly, and transportation of millions of Jews from occupied Europe to concentration camps where they were summarily gassed or worked to death. According to historians, Eichmann carried out his duty with horrifying efficiency.

Towards the end of the war and perhaps proud of his work, Eichmann said that he would "leap into my grave laughing because the feeling that I have five million human beings on my conscience is for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction."

After the war in Europe ended, Eichmann was captured by US troops but escaped from a prison camp in 1946 before the start of the Nuremberg International War Crimes Tribunal.  He made his way to Argentina in 1950, which was a safe haven for Nazi war criminals.  

In 1957, a German prosecutor secretly informed Israel that Eichmann was living in Argentina and Mossad agents went to work to find him. 

The movie, which was filmed in Argentina, is rated P-13.

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