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Abortionist Thanks God for 'Guiding My Hand' When Performing Abortions


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A Planned Parenthood abortionist was caught on tape thanking God for helping her perform abortions.

The abortionist made the statement in the middle of a pro-life demonstration in Chicago. Activists were protesting the North American Forum on Family Planning conference hosted by Planned Parentood. The conference featured Deborah VanDerhei and Deborah Nucatola, two abortionist who were caught in undercover videos discussing the alleged illegal sale of baby body parts. 

  Pro-Life Action League National Director Joe Schneider was holding a poster of a 21 week old aborted baby when the abortionist came out of the conference center, knelt next to the poster, and recorded a 4 minute "prayer."

However, the "prayer" quickly turned into a pro-abortion speech.

"My Heavenly Father, I'm grateful today to be here at this wonderful meeting," the woman began. "I can imagine no person who is in greater need of Christlike love and excellent medical care than a woman who is faced with an untenable pregnancy."

"I am grateful everyday to feel thy spirit and thy guiding hand in my work...and the support of thy spirit," she added. 

Pro-Life activist Matt Yonke who was there when the video was recorded called the prayer "strange" in his post on the Pro-Life Action League's Blog. 

"I've been organizing pro-life street protests for over eight years, and I don't know if I've ever seen anything as strange as the abortionist praying on a public sidewalk that I saw last Monday," Yonke said.

Others took to social media expressing their views about the prayer or even writing prayers for the woman. 

"Truly bizarre! Don't think she could actually be praying to the LORD and Author of Life but instead to the one who comes only to kill, steal and destroy. Such confusion. She does need our prayers," Theresa Jacovette Lussi commented on the page. 

"Dear Lord Jesus, please help this young lady to see the error of her pro-abortion views so she can see the light of her conscience and help her know the awful, moral-reality of Abortion," another commentator wrote.

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