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The Reward of a Mother's Love

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Imagine every time you walked down a busy New York sidewalk you thought, I wonder if today is the day I meet her? Or “Could she be my mom?” “What if she is my mom?” That was me for a while during my teenage years and into early adulthood. I grew up with a loving father who was supported by his mom, his sister, and eventually his new wife, so I didn’t always know what I missed by not knowing my mom. With everyone pitching in, they really made up the difference. While all of this was true and I was grateful, as I got older, I yearned for my mom. I wanted to know what she looked like, where she lived, who she was, if I looked like her, and a million other thoughts and questions.

It wasn’t until I turned 21 that I reunited with my mom and understood why things were the way they were. She candidly told me that she knew I would not be raised correctly if I was in her care. I was filled with emotion after meeting my mother and hearing her explanation. I felt gratitude to the Lord for arranging for us to meet and I also felt compassion for a woman who did what she knew was best.

Now, having my own daughter, I realize that just as the Lord was a present help during my upbringing, he is still available to help today. I am reminded of the stories of Jochebed and Mary. I think about how Moses' mother, Jochebed went against the culture as she made plans to preserve her son. When Moses was an infant, she put him in a basket and let him sail on down the river. Why? Because she loved him. Otherwise, he would have been killed, and despite him being raised in Pharoah's house, he became a deliverer to the Children of Israel and lead them out of Egypt. I also think about what life was like for Jesus' mother, Mary. I imagine she experienced many emotions when Jesus went to the cross to die for the sins of the world but in her heart knew He was doing the will of God. Both of them faced tremendous challenges being mothers.

What these women teach us through their example of motherhood is to trust the Lord with all aspects of our assignments.  He is present to help, and He promises to never leave you nor forsake you.

Today, I would like to encourage and honor my mom, the women who raised me, and mothers across the globe to walk in the calling that the Lord has for you. Remember that the rewards are great in the end and know that your labor is not in vain.

Heavenly Father, please bless and guide women all over the world who have or are operating in some capacity as a mother. Whether we’ve given birth to a child, experienced the loss of a child, have a wayward child, are a stepmom, an adoptive mother, or desire a child but just haven’t seen the end of that faith journey, made a tough decision to give a child up for adoption, or are recovering from an abortion ... the list goes on. But Lord, thank You for all of us because You created us to be used for glory. Comfort us with the truth that our labor is not in vain. Thank you for rewarding the diligent, In Jesus' name, Amen!

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Cassey Nathan

Cassey Nathan joined CBN in 2022 as a Product Owner for CBN Bible and myCBN apps. She serves as worship leader for Kingdom Church of Houston. Cassey enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her husband. She is grateful to work in the Kingdom while awaiting the return of Christ.

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