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The Past Is Dead

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The past is dead. It is done. It is over. It is finished. It is dust. It is a new day today. How will you choose to respond? There are issues from the past that we still have to contend with, but God allows us to be part of the solution. Yes, God allows us to walk through many things so we will be part of His answer. We have all experienced hurts and pains that we probably wished would have never happened.

It's always amazing to hear testimonies of Christians who walked through deep valleys and yet they honestly say, "If I had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing." That's seeing God's hand in our life and knowing who we are in HIM.

Recently, God had a dear sister speak a word over me. It was, "You have to know who you are in God."

We do have to know who we are in God. We have to know that the past is part of who we are and helped shape us into what we are; but it doesn't have to define the rest of our lives. In fact, if we dwell on it and let it define the rest of our lives, bitterness and anger and the weeds will take root and choke out what God is doing in us. That's not to deny His power, but we have to relinquish control and let God heal us and move on!

The past is dead. Yesterday is already in the past. There are things from yesterday that still need to be addressed today, but God allowed us to walk through the problems of yesterday so that we can be part of His solution today. God's power is all-encompassing. He is more than able to take the issues and hurts and pains and make it all right today, but we have to trust Him.

He wants us to be overcomers, but we have to know it's through His will that we are overcomers. I'm not talking about an identity issue — it's an opportunity to see God's power at work today! It's the chance to see God do new things, new ways. It's a chance to be formed once again on the potter's wheel by our Creator so that we can be a vessel He can use today.

Release the past. Release it once and for all. Know who you are in God. You are an heir and a joint heir. You are His co-worker and laborer in the harvest. You are a friend of the King of all Kings! You have worth. You have a place. You have God-ordained authority. Rest in God. Trust in God. Lean on God. Let Him take control of your life and use you today.


Copyright © Scott Presson. Used by permission.

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Scott Presson is a Writer whose commentaries regarding personal and spiritual issues have been published around the world. He is also an award winning TV Producer, Editor and a former Journalist, who has traveled extensively covering everything from politics and weather to domestic terrorism and the front lines of the Middle East conflict.

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