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Let Someone Hold Up Your Arms

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Moses’ arms soon became so tired he could no longer hold them up. So Aaron and Hur found a stone for him to sit on. Then they stood on each side of Moses, holding up his hands. So his hands held steady until sunset. — , NLT 

It gets me every time—my eyes well up as I watch the video of Olympic sprinter Derek Redmond, who massively injured his hamstring midway through his race in the 1992 Barcelona games. He started hopping toward the finish line, his pain palpable as he boldly tried to finish the race, even though he had no hope of winning a medal. Even more touching is what Redmond’s father did next. Jim Redmond leapt out of the stands and shook off security guards as he ran to help his son reach his goal. The picture of a father holding up his son as he wept in pain and disappointment makes it one of the most inspiring moments in Olympic history. It’s such a clear visual of the raw, messy, beautiful lengths to which we go to serve and love someone we care about. 

We like to identify with the father in that story because we can probably imagine doing something similar for someone we love. But if we’re honest, there are times in our busy, stressful lives when we are more like the injured runner. It sometimes seems as if we cannot take one more step forward without falling on our face. Whether it’s a troubled relationship, a bad diagnosis, our child’s behavioral issues at school, job insecurity ... it all weighs heavy on us, and sometimes it feels like we can’t go on. 

Of course, we women like to limp along and pretend we can handle it on our own. We actually do a banner job of it. But you know what? There are people in our lives who want to leap the railing, run to our side, and grab hold of us as we try to reach the finish line. People who would consider it an honor to walk alongside us and be our companions during the difficult parts of our race. 

We need to let them grab our arms and help. 

Yes, it means being vulnerable. It means the secret will be out that we cannot handle everything on our own. It feels risky, even embarrassing, to ask for help. But the beauty of allowing someone to help us as we limp toward the finish line brings tears to the eyes—a display of love (both in the giving and the receiving) that reminds us that we are never, ever alone. 

Question to Consider: 

Have you ever come alongside someone as they struggled? Think about how honored you felt to help them. Now think about someone who has offered to help you. Pray for God’s help to set aside your pride and allow them to take hold of your arms and help you across the finish line today.

Used with permission of iDisciple Publishers from the book FIND REST by Shaunti Feldhahn.

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Shaunti Feldhahn is a ground-breaking social researcher, best selling author, and popular speaker – but a wife and mom first. After receiving a graduate degree from Harvard, and working on Capitol Hill and Wall Street, Shaunti now uses her analytical skill to investigate the most important surprises about the most important people in our lives. She focuses on digging out the little changes that will make the biggest difference in our lives, relationships, families, and workplace relationships. Because each of Shaunti’s books is based on a multi-year, nationally-representative research study

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