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Faith Won't Wait

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There is a lot of talk about faith. Do we really understand it? Let's think about the story of the Jericho walls. The people marched around, blew the trumpets, and raised a great shout. (Joshua 6) What happened then? The walls came down. Was it because there was an earthquake? No, it was their faith in believing what the Lord said to do. They put action with their faith and were obedient. At the right moment, they SHOUTED.

Faith does not wait for the walls to fall down. Faith shouts them down.

When we least feel like proclaiming a shout of praise and victory about our trials and circumstances, that is the time to do it. We must say what God has said and speak to that wall or mountain in our lives and watch it crumble. SPEAKING and SHOUTING are the actions we need to do. It is our response to what we believe in our hearts to be true. It is the key to seeing the walls fall.

God told Joshua that he had given him the city and how long it would take to possess it. Do we give up too soon when we are waiting on a situation to change? We need to remember to keep on believing. When God reveals the time for your victory, you can shout. His timing is perfect.

We march to the orders of the Lord. We blow the trumpet once we hear the sound of urgency for a situation. The Lord speaks to our spirits and gives us faith. Then we will know our victory is right around the bend. Let us hold fast to the profession of our faith and not lose hope.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ( KJV)

The Amplified version says it best.

Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].

Also in , it reads:

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. (NIV)

Joshua's wall was a literal, physical wall, but it can be any wall. Our walls can be the need for healing, a financial breakthrough, relationships restored, etc. We must exercise our faith by seeing beyond the walls. The wall that looks so incredibly difficult will come down with the SHOUT (action on our part) of faith. We can know that our victory will be on the other side.

Recently, I had an opportunity to put this into action. My new great-granddaughter became ill with a cold and fever. I felt I should go and pray for her, even though I was sick myself. Within hours after arriving home, her fever had come down and was normal by morning. This is where faith couldn't wait. Like shouting the walls down, I acted on what God's Word tells us to do. Even though I didn't have an abundance of faith at that moment, I knew I needed to believe and leave the end result in God's hands.

So, if in your life you find a wall that needs to come down, begin to SPEAK and SHOUT because faith won't wait.

Copyright © Cathy Irvin. Used by permission.

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Cathy Irvin authored well over 50 Devotions for CBN over three decades where she served the Lord Jesus Christ at the Christian Broadcasting Network. Cathy loved telling stories and glorifying God in all that she did. On December 16, 2011, Cathy left this earthly dwelling to take up residence in the dwelling prepared for her in Heaven. Her Devotions minister with love and truth.

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