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Bestselling author and conservative icon Dr. Ben Carson lays out a hopeful and inspiring road map for how America can come together.

External physical characteristics that are genetically encoded are things over which no individual has control. But rather than appreciating the gift of diversity, some have chosen to use it to drive wedges between groups of people. Some of these external characteristics are associated with the past moral failing of slavery. Though slavery in America formally ended in the 1860s, the vestiges of that evil institution are still with us today, and those vestiges often inflict guilt on some and facilitate feelings of victimhood in others. 

In Created Equal, Dr. Carson uses his own personal experiences as a member of a racial minority, along with the writings and experiences of others from multiple backgrounds and demographics, to analyze the current state of race relations in America. Instead of using race as an excuse to remake America into something completely antithetical to the Constitution, Dr. Carson suggests ways to enhance and bring great success to our nation and all multiethnic societies by magnifying America's incredible strengths instead of her historical weaknesses.

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About The Author

Dr. Ben

Dr. Carson was raised by his mother in a state of dire poverty. Young Dr. Carson was made to read two books from the local library each week. Even though his mother went to school only reaching the third grade and could not read, she asked her kids to write reports after reading every book. She would underline and check on lines, though she did not know what they meant. This helped Dr. Carson and his brother with their education. Dr. Carson says that his mother’s strong faith in God was a big influence on his faith. He asks God for wisdom and guidance and He grants it to him. Dr. Carson

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