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Newsboys' "God's Not Dead": Music Review



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God's Not Dead is the best Michael Tait-fronted Newsboys album to date. The former dc Talk-er, who took over for Peter Furler back in 2009, helps make this new worship album one that inspires listeners to praise our very much alive, Almighty God.

Notable vocals from Kevin Max, Tait's former bandmate, and radio-friendly rhythms on “God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)” and “I Am Second” will have you recalling dc Talk's classic tunes. Matched well, as always, the Tait and Max collaborations are probably the closest to a dc Talk reunion we're going to get. The album features originals (“The King is Coming”, “Here We Stand”) and remakes of familiar worship songs (“Revelation Song”, “Your Love Never Fails”).

A in staple Christian music, Newsboys retains its status as a worthy CCM favorite with this new project.

Album Highlights: “The King is Coming", "God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)", and "I Am Second"

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