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Hillsong: Let Hope Rise: Movie Review

Hannah Goodwyn


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Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, the new Michael John Warren music documentary about the internationally known worship band, is anointed. It truly nourishes the soul.

A modern-day Jesus movie about ordinary guys (and a gal) doing truly extraordinary things for God, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise not only offers a history lesson on the now megachurch and its famous worship band, but also goes deep behind the scenes to show how this group of musician friends work, play, and change the world for God together.

That, and it's an interactive worship experience, with concert scenes of their most powerful and well-known songs shown on screen (with captions so moviegoers can sing along).

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is, from this believer's perspective, one of the best portrayals of what real Christianity looks like. Its flaws fade as the band's message takes center stage. That message is that we, believing and non-believing alike, are works in progress, that God loves us and wants us to know Him, and that we are called to be His loving hands and feet to the world.

Rated PG for some thematic elements, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is a worship experience for the whole family.

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise highlights the God we love and how we worship Him. It's a pioneering documentary and one to see and support.

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