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God Seems to be Speaking in Several Places

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Two people responded recently to the two interpretations of tongues given here in the last two or three weeks. One response came from a man who said he had been surfing the Internet when he came across my column containing the interpretation. The interpretation spoke to him and changed his life, he said. The other response came from within the United States and the lady, who was drifting away from the Lord, said she had gone back to Him and was a different person.

 It’s amazing the way the Lord does that. It’s commonplace for Him to speak to a person in a meeting where the Holy Spirit is moving upon people. To have Him do it from so far, across different time zones and on different days, always startles me.

The same with "The 700 Club." i’ve been around here so long I can remember when the club was taped and pony-backed from station to station around the country. The time difference made no difference to God. Neither did the need for repetitions where people in widely separated time zones -- days, even weeks apart -- would be healed, say, or receive some other word. God transcends time and distance and nationality.

On the "700 Club" these days, God seems to touch people all around the globe in a single program and then touch a different group on a program replay, maybe with a second message from a different co-host. Awesome!

Following is the interpretation of a tongue I spoke at this point while writing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at 11:05 a.m. Wednesday:

I hear my child’s cry no matter where it is in the world, and I see my needy servant every moment. I am everywhere present, and I see in all time. Get used to that, beloved, for I desire you every moment and I ask you to seek me every moment. We are never separated. The Holy Spirit guarantees that. He does not come to or go from you, and where He is there am I -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Talk to me now. Don’t wait. Every word is important.

It’s vital to me, Bob, that you love me enough to realize that this is not a circus. After much crying out by me over the years, God has shown that one of my purposes is to speak what I believe God is telling the church at the beginning of the 21st century. I’m sure you have been aware that I have talked incessantly about the church and about our need, both individually and collectively, to be filled with the Holy Spirit to enhance our fellowship no matter where or when. Praying and speaking in tongues are not necessities for everyone, of course, but they are possibilities. And there are other miraculous manifestations. The issue is having "the gift of the Holy Spirit" ( ).

And, speaking from Acts Chapter Two, let me remind you, Peter said that what the people were seeing in Jerusalem on Pentecost was that which had been prophesied by the prophet Joel. "This was that," the apostle said, which was a favorite saying of the twinkly-eyed, 20th-Century prophet of Pentecost, David duplessis, about whom I spoke sometime ago. "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh" ( a, KJV).

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Bob Slosser passed from this life on September 13, 2002. He served in many roles at CBN over the years. In announcing his death, Dr. Pat Robertson said of him, "Bob Slosser served on the Board of Directors of CBN since the 1960s, and was not only a Trustee of Regent University since its founding, but served very capably and for a time as President of the institution. We know that he is with the Lord and is no longer in pain, but we are all saddened at the loss of a dear friend and fellow worker for many years."