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Ukrainian Refugees Find Peace and Hope



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The war in Ukraine has left families devastated and filled with fear. Mothers like Nadiya and their children have been forced to flee the violence.

Nadiya said, “The war entered my life when a rocket flew in the direction of our city at about 5 a.m.” She continued, “We left, because we have two children, and we had to save their lives.”

Operation Blessing and Orphan’s Promise partner with local churches and humanitarian groups to provide support and encouragement to many victims of war like Nadiya.

“We left our home with just a suitcase. It’s very difficult with such a small child, but we were provided with everything we needed. We were welcomed here,” she shared.

Thanks to Operation Blessing and Orphan’s Promise partners, families like Nadiya’s have fresh healthy meals, and critical supplies in their greatest time of need.

Nadiya said, “Thank God we are under the wing of the Lord. We are clothed and fed. We get full meals here, like we would have at home. And just like at home, everything is cooked with love. The children are very happy in this peaceful place.”

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