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Blood Moons, the Shemitah, and the Babylon Code

Chris Carpenter


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Blood Moons, the Shemitah, Isaac Newton’s riddle are just a few things that we have heard about in the news recently that prophecy experts are pointing to as potential signals for the unofficial entry into the End Times.

Most people would agree that with each passing day we are one step closer to the end of world.  The problem is no one really knows how much closer we really are.

Co-authors Paul McGuire, a prophecy expert, and Troy Anderson, a Pulitzer Prize nominee believe that a global political and financial coup will set the stage for the Last Days.  Quite simply, their new book, The Babylon Code, foretells an international takeover by the world’s elite, one that reveals how secret forces are at work to create an apocalyptic puzzle that only they can solve.

I recently sat down with McGuire and Anderson to discuss what could be the key to both our survival and salvation, how Israel and the United States factor into the Last Days, and whether God embedded a secret code in Scripture that man must crack before its too late. 

What was the driving force that led you gentlemen to write The Babylon Code?

Troy Anderson: We were trying to answer the question, are we really in the run-up to the End Times of the political and economic systems that the Bible talks about?  What we discovered blew my mind.

Paul McGuire: This is a conspiratorial quote concept but it happens to be true.  So, I can’t be afraid of it being conspiratorial.  The international financial system is manipulated by a relatively small number of people.  The political system is manipulated by a relatively small number of people.  Having written about that in detail, I then began discussing this with Troy.  Troy brings a different perspective because he has a hardcore journalism background.  I’m more of a writer.  His documentation is impeccable.  We only use quality sources.  The power of the team is our different strengths.  In order to make this book really convincing to people who might be skeptical it needed powerful documentation.  And Troy is a Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist. 

For the sake of our conversation, simply put, do you believe we are living in the Last Days?

Paul McGuire: Yes, I am absolutely convinced that we are living in the Last Days and more prophetic signs are being fulfilled than ever before.  However, those Last Days could be 100 or 200 years.  Although I have an immediacy, I also have a sobriety of not jumping the gun just because the puzzle pieces seem to be fitting together.  God could extend it.  But we need to be prepared either way. 

We have seen many books and movies over the years that have tried to address, woefully at times, the paradox of the End Times. At a really high level, what is your belief on how this will unfold?

McGuire: There is a plan to create an economic crisis, introduce a cashless society for the purpose of making the United States a regional global government, or a North American Union modeled after the European Union.  All of this is moving very, very quickly.  Accompanied with that is totalitarianism.  We are morphing into this Orwellian world at a dizzying speed.  But it is our hope that this will not be a gloom and doom book.  We don’t want our readers paralyzed with fear or immobilized.  We want to give them practical tools on what they can do.

Anderson: Some of the key things we found is that if you just go on the websites of different foundations, law schools, the United Nations Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of National Affairs, they openly say that the European Union is a model.  They want to create ten regional systems like this around the world and eventually join them together to create what they call a Global Union.  They actually use this terminology.  There is now speculation that the United Nations is having a summit on sustainable development and climate change in September and December.  Many people believe that that this could be a sort of rouse to take the initial steps to create this sort of global system.  And it all sort of lines up with what the Bible talks about in terms of the revived Roman Empire, the final Babylonian system, that kind of thing.

In reading through your book, The Babylon Code, I sort of deduced that you are trying to answer a basic question.  That is, did God embed a code in Scripture that can be unlocked by man in the End Times?  True?

McGuire: Absolutely.  First, let me say that the “code” that we believe in very much is first of all biblical.  It’s not “extra-biblical” like a lot of these books, or gimmick books are trying to convey.  The basic code is in the text of the Bible.  For example, the story of the Tower of Babel or ancient Babylon is a model clearly of a one-world government, one-world economic system, one-world religion.  We know that because God judged them.  Why does God judge them?  Because they want to be like God.  It’s an anti-Christ system.  So He judges them not because they are unified, not because He’s against global government, but because He’s against global government that’s in revolution against Him.  A lot of Christian churches just bypass that whole story.  However, it is a heads up warning from God.  Now, we go into Revelation in the last days and we see the re-emergence of commercial Babylon and political Babylon.  And we see that this Babylonian system in the Last Days is coming back very hard and heavy just like ancient Babylon as a commercial global system, global political system, and a global religious system.

Anderson:  There is a way I like to describe this.  In Daniel 12, the Bible talks about how the prophecies of the End Times will be sealed up until the end when only the wise would understand.  Hal Lindsey actually cites that in The Late Great Planet Earth.  The reason we call it the Babylon Code is that there is this prophetic mystery in the Bible that starts with ancient Babylon, the Tower of Babel, and the story of Nimrod.  He is sort like the archetype of the anti-Christ.  He also made the first attempt to create a global government.  And then Babylon plays a major role in the books of the prophets.  It’s both the instrument of God’s wrath and then God also promises because Babylon took the Jews into captivity … that Babylon would be repaid at the end of the age.  Babylon re-emerges in the book of Revelation as mystery Babylon and Babylon the great.  There are many different interpretations that Christianity has looked at over the years of what mystery Babylon is.  We believe that it’s this global, economic, religious system that ultimately the anti-Christ will take control of during the tribulation.

Does Israel have a role in all of this?  If so, how?

McGuire: Absolutely.  As we wrote in the book, God made an everlasting covenant with Israel through Abraham.  As you know, everlasting means everlasting.  A lot of Christians don’t believe that but the Jews can’t do something that undoes the Covenant.  They are given the legal right to the land as an everlasting covenant.  Now, they get punished when they are bad but Israel is central.  The other thing is that Jesus comes back to Jerusalem.  Jerusalem will become the capital of Planet Earth.  And of course it is prophesied that in the Last Days the Jews will be gathered into the land. That area, Israel, is a “cup of trembling” as it says in the Old Testament book of Zechariah.  We see this in the news all the time.  Eventually, all the armies of the earth will come against Jerusalem, or Israel, in the Last Days militarily and Jesus Christ will supernaturally defend it.  There will be preludes to that such as the Psalm 83 war or what we read in Ezekial 38.  Israel is crucial and is God’s prophetic “super-sign” and He is not finished with the Jews.  Also, the Church has not replaced Israel. 

How about the United States of America?

McGuire:  Yes.  My belief is God is not finished with America yet.  There are a lot of people that say that the sins of America are so great that God’s finished with America.  That is very presumptuous because I’m not infinite and they are not infinite.  So, how can we determine that God is finished with America? Number two is the very fact that you and I and Troy are having this conversation.  That is evidence to the fact that God’s grace is being poured out on America.  Your message and the mediums that you write and speak in will potentially reach a million people.  That is an opportunity for grace.  Plus, the Bible doesn’t teach fatalism.  It doesn’t teach us to give up, hide somewhere, or sit on the couch.  One of the messages of the book is that we believe that if God’s people will stop playing church and they really stand in the gap as God requires us to and seek His face, we really believe that God very much wants to supernaturally intervene in the affairs of America and keep it from self-destructing.  But it is conditional upon God’s people repenting and seeking His face.

As authors, what is your greatest hope for The Babylon Code?

Anderson: Our hope with this is that many people are wondering what is going to happen, even this year.  You’ve got the last of the four blood moons, the biblical Shemitah, Isaac Newton’s riddle, several United Nations summits, various treaties and laws happening, all of these things are converging at the same time.  People want to know whether something big is coming … an economic collapse, a war in the Middle East … we don’t know how much time there is left.  It’s like the apostle Paul said.  It could be decades or centuries away but the consensus of all these people we interviewed is that we are either in the run-up to the End Times that the Bible predicts or we are approaching the end of human civilization because of climate change, over population, and the threat of nuclear war.  There is an urgency to this so we want to get the message out there of all these faith leaders who are saying that it is time to come back to God, repent of our sins, and lets do what’s right.

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