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Toy Story 4: Movie Review

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Toy Story 4 is another breakthrough in great computer animation, and even greater storytelling. Filled with laughter, tears, thrills, and romance, slightly mixed with a few light scary elements.

The movie opens with a flashback to nine years earlier when during a heavy rainstorm, Woody and Andy's toys are trying to save one of the toys from being washed down the gutter. In the process, Woody finds out there's a box of toys being given away. Woody looks in the box and finds out Bo Peep is one of them. It's clear that they both have feelings for each other. (For more of the plot, including spoilers, go to

This movie has some very funny scenes. Toy Story 4 also has some incredible pro-family, pro-redemption, pro-self-sacrifice messages, in a very exciting, entertaining story. The importance of toys taking care of children is stressed constantly, but there's also the importance of maturing and finding real love with good positive, male/female monogamous relationships being the goals.

Every character has a great character arc, with a couple characters experiencing an epiphany and being truly transformed. It would be hard to find a better story. Everyone fulfills the purpose for which they were designed. For instance, when Forky asks, "Who gave me life?" Woody says he doesn't know about that, but he knows that each toy has a purpose. Also, one character learns to get over his fear and become the stuntman he was meant to be, even with all his flaws. Toy Story 4 will capture your heart.

The problem is, however, is that there are some pretty scary scenes. The ventriloquist puppets look pretty scary at times, and some of the situations are frightening. None of them are beyond what you see in a Saturday morning cartoon, but please be careful about the sensitivity of your children. Also, Bo Peep in her independent years, that were forced on her when she was given away, wears trousers, but when she gets together with Woody she starts wearing a dress again.

That said, Toy Story 4 is a great movie for children of all ages, especially older children, but may be too strong for very young children.

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