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'The Sleepover': Movie Review

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THE SLEEPOVER is an action comedy streaming on Netflix about some children who go into action to save their parents who are in trouble with some thieves. THE SLEEPOVER is a funny, enjoyable family comedy with positive messages, but MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger and older children because of the action scenes and too many light profanities.

Clancy is a freshmen in high school and is having a hard time relating to her mother, who won’t let her have a cell phone. Her brother, Kevin, is in middle school and doesn’t seem to mind what people think of him. When he starts dancing for fun in the bathroom, a school bully films him and posts it online. Kevin is annoyed, but his mother, Margot, who’s on lunch duty, threatens the bully.

When their dad, Ron, comes to pick them up from school, he shows his goofy nature and silly jokes.

Later that night, Clancy and her best friend, Mim, want to sneak out of the house to go to a party that a senior boy invited Clancy to attend. Kevin is having a sleepover with his best friend, Lewis, who has a lot of rules to follow from his mother. Ron convinces Kevin and Lewis to have a sleepover outside in a tent. When Lewis goes into the house to go to the bathroom, he sees some bad men come in and hears them arguing with Margot. Margot and Ron are taken away, and Lewis goes to tell the others.

The bad guys reveal that Margot is actually in witness protection for being a thief. Margot started a new life with Ron and their two children. Now, the bad buys want to recruit her to make one last robbery, but Margot doesn’t want to go through with it. When they threaten to hurt her family, Ron and Margot try to figure out what to do.

Clancy and Kevin see some clues to suggest their parents are in trouble. They decide to go and find them and save them from the bad guys, with the help of Lewis and Mim.

THE SLEEPOVER is a funny movie for the whole family. The dialogue is funny; the action scenes are enjoyable. Overall, the movie has a strong moral worldview about loving your family, doing the right thing, and choosing family of money. The mother and daughter relationship shows that we must get along with our family, whether or not it’s hard to communicate with one another. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger and older children because of the action scenes and too many light profanities in THE SLEEPOVER.

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