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'Resort to Love': Movie Review

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RESORT TO LOVE is a romantic comedy streaming on Netflix about a young singer who’s depressed about her fiancé calling off their wedding, but who decides to start over at a resort on a beautiful tropical island where, ironically, she has to be the wedding singer. RESORT TO LOVE is a fun, wholesome, well-acted romantic comedy with likable characters and a strong Christian, moral worldview extolling God, positive relationships, honesty, commitment, and living a noble life.

Erica is distressed when her fiancé calls off their wedding. When she thinks she’s finally gotten her break to be a big singer in New York, the record label stops the music from being released. At this point, Erica has lost it all – her career, her fiancé and her joy, but her best friend is there to encourage her. In fact, her best friend gets her a singing job at a resort on a small private tropical island. At first, she doesn’t want to go, but then she decides she will.

When Erica gets to the island and finds out she has to sing at weddings, she says there’s no way she can do that, since she’s still in pain about her fiancé, Jason, leaving. She learns, however, that she must come to terms with that and be the wedding singer anyway.

Months pass. Erica is enjoying her time on the island and is finally getting over Jason. One day at the beach, she sees a man who’s drowning and tries to help him. Unhappily, Erica doesn’t have the skill to save the man, and both of them start to drown. However, a handsome man comes along and saves them both. Erica is intrigued by the man but doesn’t want to get hurt again like Jason hurt her.

Erica soon finds out that the man that saved her is Jason’s brother, and Jason is at the resort to marry another woman. How will Erica be able to face Jason and sing at his wedding? Also, what about the brother?

RESORT TO LOVE is fun, wholesome and well-acted. The characters are charming and likable. Also, the movie has a strong Christian, moral, redemptive worldview. There are positive references to God. In addition, the movie extols positive relationships, honesty, commitment, and living a noble life. MOVIEGUIDE® commends RESORT TO LOVE. It does have some alcohol use and drunkenness, however.

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