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MercyMe's Bart Millard Is a "Lifer" for Jesus

Hannah Goodwyn


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MercyMe is a pillar in the Christian music community. Breaking onto the scene back in 2002, the Texas-original band has sung their way into the hearts of fans with such classics as "Word of God Speak" and "I Can Only Imagine" (the inspiration of a new Erwin Bros. movie starring Dennis Quaid, scheduled to release in 2018).

Bart Millard is the guy behind MercyMe's lead mic, the one wearing the cool hat and black rim glasses. Recently, he caught up with CBN to share a little bit about the band's record, Lifer, and what it means to live out our faith in Jesus Christ. Check out what Millard had to say:

You've said that LIFER is "about how our faith is a part of us; a constant reminder of home." How so?

Bart Millard: Our relationship with Christ is something we cannot just turn on and off. It is a part of us. On our best, and our worst, we are in this thing for life...and then some.

Why is this album the "logical next chapter" for MercyMe?

Millard: After Welcome to the New being about grace and identity, we felt Lifer should be a reminder of the same…encouraging the body of Christ to live in victory, to live like we've read the last page of the book and know how this whole thing turns out.

What's the story/inspiration behind the single, "Even If"?

Millard: It was simply written on a bad day. My oldest son, Sam, is a Type 1 Diabetic and it was just one of those days where this terrible disease got the best of us. "Even If" is a reminder that what Christ has already done will always be far greater than whatever season or circumstance we go through.

"Lifer", the title track, is about living life as followers of Jesus. When and how did your faith story begin?

Millard: I came to know Christ at the age of 13 during church camp at Glorieta, New Mexico.

Did a personal, faith revelation inspire any of the songs on the record? If so, which and how?

Millard: I think it's safe to say all of our songs come from a personal faith revelation. One particular song off the new album would be "Hello Beautiful." It's a reminder not to buy the lies of the enemy. We are not disqualified or bad people trying to be good. We are holy, righteous, and redeemed. Sometimes, we spend more time on what we used to be and not who we are now.

You released a special Cracker Barrel version of Lifer that offers fans bonus tracks. What can fans expect from these three songs?

Millard: "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" is a hymn we have been singing live for a couple of years, but have never had the chance to record.

"A Little Hope" is a song we wrote a couple of years ago and hated the thought of it not getting at least a little attention. It's a song that just makes you smile.

"Sing" was actually written while recording our album Coming Up to Breathe years ago. It was recorded live with the London Symphony at Abbey Road Studios, but didn't make the album. We thought it was a crime to never be heard. The strings are too beautiful.

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