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Justice League: Movie Review

Hannah Goodwyn


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Justice League redeems Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but doesn't compare to Wonder Woman.

It was a tall order to surpass the quality experience had by millions watching the Amazing Amazon's WWII epic flick. What Justice League does accomplish is it seeds a little bit more hope, adding to what fans felt after seeing Gal Gadot unleash her fury on the box office this summer (Wonder Woman made more than $800 million worldwide).

Those numbers, and the sheer droves of moviegoers who will line up to see director Zack Snyder's Justice League, say something about what the world instinctively craves. We want hope in a dark world. We want evil to lose. We want to be saved. In fact, we long for a savior.

The league's problem is Superman's dead (sorry if you didn't already know that, but he died in March 2016 when Batman v Superman released). So, how can the world be saved now? There's not one who can save humanity from real world-altering threats. Not one. But maybe if Wonder Woman, the famed caped crusader (still played by Ben Affleck), and a few other superhero types work together, then we might have a fighting chance.

But, does D.C. Comics' new movie hit the mark?

(Vague spoilers ahead...)

Thanks to Superman (who makes a mysterious appearance -- in the form of actor Henry Cavill) Snyder's movie might hit the target at least. Unfortunately, the movie's better bits are jumbled up in what feels like a pieced together story with a villain that's nothing to write home about. His giant flying "demons" (as they're called in the film) are creepy, but it's not enough to make this antagonist memorable.

Justice League picks up when Man in Steel returns to the screen (kind of how Wonder Woman saved the day with her entrance in the latter part of Batman v Superman.) Per the old days, Clark Kent adds comedy and nostalgia to this movie experience (in fact, people clapped and cheered for him at the screening I attended).

Caution is advised as Justice League is rated PG-13 for "sequences of sci-fi violence and action". There's some foul language too, including some profanity. And it felt like Wonder Woman took a step back in terms of the empowering movie she just had compared to her stint in Justice League. Diana's compassionate essence was there, but a few scenes seemed out of sorts with the trajectory of her character -- and the attention to her physical appearance (including behind shots) were unfortunate.

**Note: Stay for two extended clips after the inital and ending credits. Much like Marvel movies, this D.C. comics film includes some entertaining and enlightening moments for you to ponder as you exit the theater.

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