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Superchick: Finding Confidence in Christ

Share This article - They’re back! Superchick is breaking their two-year studio silence by releasing a new project titled Rock What You Got. It’s solid Superchick material featuring their classic fist-pumping anthems and electronic rock ballads, which they now affectionately refer to as “rock-o-tronic.”

Famous for their encouraging messages to teens and adults alike, Superchick lays it all out on the floor with this new CD. But, its sound and theme aren’t too familiar.

“Yeah,” says bassist Matt Daly in agreement. “Beauty from Pain is kind of the low point. This record is the transition out of it, talking about the hope through those horrible times.”

“This record is our natural next record after Beauty from Pain,” says lead singer Tricia Brock. “I feel like it reflects who we are after those situations that really matured us.

Beyond Beauty from Pain

Matt and Tricia speak of the spiritually and emotionally difficult circumstances they’ve had to deal with these past few years. Matt’s grandfather passed away and Tricia struggled with depression after a devastating break-up.

“I just hope this record will be able to, no matter what state you’re in, be able to mend your heart and encourage,” Matt says. “Look, we’ve been there at the lowest point too. We know what death feels like. We know what broken hearts feel like, and we got out of it.”

The band wants everyone to grasp this fact – life is hard, but God is still good.

No matter what “we can still be beautiful, we still have confidence, and we can still keep on going,” according to Matt.

“This record’s going to change a billion people’s lives,” says Matt, with a gigantic smile.

“…if a billion people hear it,” says guitarist Melissa Brock, bringing it all into reality, but still hopeful countless are encouraged by their message.

Rockin’ What They’ve Got

The title track, “Rock What You Got”, pretty much sums up this new album, in that we should have confidence to live life to the max.

This new song is based on a scene Max Hsu, Superchick’s idea guy, keyboard player, and songwriter, witnessed at a store.

“Max was at Target and there was this old guy who was in one of those mobile carts,” Matt explains. “He couldn’t walk, but he was also pushing another cart. And he was all lean back, and he was dressed really awesome. He was going around and giving everyone the nod like ‘hey, ladies!’”

“Like he was the coolest thing in the world,” Melissa adds.

“It was funny because even though the guy can’t walk, he was still not afraid to go to Target and make sure everyone knew who he was,” Matt says. “He was gonna get his shoppin’ done.”

He didn’t let his physical limitation hinder him from living. In the same tone, Superchick seeks to encourage you to live without fear. Let God build confidence in you.

“I just feel like finding contentment today is a lesson that He wants us to learn because life isn’t about what we get and it’s not about Him making our dreams come true. It’s about us being formed into who He knows we’re meant to be, and doing what He knows we’re meant to do,” Tricia says.

Other New Tunes to Notice

“Alive” and “Breathe” are two other tracks on the new CD that speak to how life is temporary and that we should not allow difficult circumstances to keep us from really living. Matt has something to say to those who have a downcast spirit.

“Be confident in the fact that, yes, life is horrible right now. But, God is teaching you something,” Matt says.

No matter how bad it may seem to get, God has given you life for a reason.

“Do not lose hope in the fact that you are alive at this moment. Let’s live each moment like it might be our last. It’s precious.”

As is custom for Superchick, an encouraging gal-focused song is present on this new record. It’s called “So Beautiful” and it talks about how we are wonderfully created by God.

“In one of the lines in [“So Beautiful”], it says, “If every girl could see her beauty, then we would be an army.” It’s just really cool,” Melissa says. “Every girl no matter what age, no matter if it was like 30 years ago or now, knows what’s it like to not feel beautiful. Getting to that point where you realize it’s not based on your outward appearance is a very hard place to be at. That’s kind of what that song is about. You’re beautiful no matter what.”

Melissa says that “So Beautiful” is the band’s new anthem for chicks. But, Matt says that it’s not just for the ladies.

“It’s my favorite song on the record,” Matt says with a smile.

“The bottom line is God, who created beauty, who created the Heavens and the Earth, created you. Therefore, He knew exactly what He was doing.”

Take these words from Superchick to heart. Be confident in your beauty for God was your Creator. Be confident in your life for He is in control. 

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