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A Mother’s Shattered Dream Is Restored

Zsa Zsa Palagyi


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As soon as Mrs. Bi found out she was going to have a baby girl, she made her a little red dress for good luck.  

YuTong’s older brother, remembers, “I saw my mother embroidering the words ‘long life’ on the dress.”

“I hoped she would be a healthy little girl,” explains Mrs. Bi.

But YuTong was born with a hole in her heart, abnormal blood vessels, and complications with her lungs.

“The doctor said she might not live to be one,” says Mrs. Bi.

Mr. Bi adds, “We were told even if we got YuTong treatment, we would still lose her. But I insisted, even if I had to sell my house and land.”   

YuTong went straight to ICU, where her family could only visit once a week for 3 minutes.

“She laid there with a ventilator and tubes and got thinner and thinner,” Mr. Bi recalls. “I said, ‘You must hold on.’”

Mrs. Bi shares, “I wished that I could take her suffering for her. I just wanted to hold her in my arms.”

Her brother gave all of his savings to his parents to help with YuTong’s treatments. He wanted to be her super-hero.

He proudly says, “I wanted to be like Ironman and protect my sister.”

But as YuTong got older, she got worse.

“She didn’t have any strength. Her vital signs were weak, and her eyes were hollow,” Mr. Bi reports.

Mrs. Bi adds, “She opened her mouth and gasped. She had no strength to make a sound. I thought about the dress I made her. My dreams were shattered. I thought if my daughter was gone, I’d die with her.”

YuTong got pneumonia and ended up in a hospital in Beijing, where the Bi’s were told that she needed surgery right away. But Mr. Bi is a construction worker and couldn’t afford it. A doctor introduced them to CBN, and we covered the cost.

“Friends from CBN visited us and prayed for us,” Mrs. Bi exclaims. “It was like a dawning light came into our lives and gave us hope.”

The doctor repaired YuTong’s heart and blood vessels, so now she can live a long life.

Now my daughter is completely healthy, and she will always be with us. Thank you,” Mr. Bi says.  “You helped save her life.”  

Mrs. Bi adds, “Now she can absorb nutrients, her height and weight have increased a lot, and she can play like a normal child!”

Yu Tong’s brother concludes, “Her eyes are bright, and she's like a little angel. Thank you to everyone at CBN for healing my sister. I love you all!”

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Zsa Zsa Palagyi
Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa Palagyi loves to tell stories about the Lord. Originally from California, she moved to NYC to work in TV, where she committed her life to Christ and was later called into Christian media. Now a CBN producer and Christian radio on-air personality, she seeks authenticity and enjoys art, culture, travel, fitness, fashion, the beach, and cats.

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