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'Mistletoe Magic': Movie Review

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MISTLETOE MAGIC follows a young TV reporter woman named Harper, a self-proclaimed “Christmas Grinch” who realizes she accidentally donated her family’s beloved “magic mistletoe” to a charity. Can Harper find the missing mistletoe and, more importantly, the joy in Christmas?

The movie opens as Harper is broadcasting from an ice rink as the Christmas festivities are in full swing. After she finishes her report, Harper takes off her Santa hat and vents to her cameraman about how much she dislikes the Christmas season.

Reluctantly, Harper is set to go home to spend the Christmas holiday with her family and is tasked with bringing the family mistletoe, which everyone but Harper believes is magical. It’s especially important because her sister’s boyfriend plans to propose, and the family thinks the mistletoe brings luck to lovers. To Harper’s further dismay, her boyfriend says he received a promotion at his job and will be unable to celebrate Christmas with Harper’s family.

Harper is shocked to find that the family mistletoe has gone missing. Harper frantically begins to look around town for the missing magic mistletoe. This leads her to Luke’s thrift shop. Although she recognizes Luke, an old classmate, she can’t place how she knows him.

However, Luke offers to help her find the mistletoe as they race against the clock with Christmas only a few days away. The two begin to talk more and enjoy the time they spend together. Harper thinks she might be falling in love with Luke but is also desperately trying to find the mistletoe for her sister. She begins to despair when they seem to hit dead end after dead end. Luke continues to help her find the missing mistletoe and also shows her that the Christmas season is a time to be joyful and love those around you.

MISTLETOE MAGIC is a fun family holiday movie that extols family, Christmas and selflessness. Luke embraces the spirit of giving and gives all his time to help Harper look for the missing mistletoe. Even when Harper despairs, Luke is there to remind her why Christmas is a time for love and family. Although the mistletoe is often said to hold magic powers, it’s more about the power of love than sorcery. That said, neither Jesus nor the Bible are explicitly mentioned, though MISTLETOE MAGIC does promote giving, joy and forgiveness. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children.

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