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Lincoln Brewster's "Real Life": Music Review

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On Real Life, worship leader and singer/songwriter Lincoln Brewster shows what sets him apart in the praise and worship genre. Unlike many of albums from other popular worship artist, Brewster’s latest favors polished studio recording instead of a live concert setting, and the decision proves a good one as listeners can appreciate Brewster’s electric guitar chops, his band’s tight musicianship and interesting arrangements.

Songs such as “So Good” take a relatively generic hook and—with the help of a blistering Stratocaster riff—turn it into rocking anthem. “Best Days”, “Reaching for You”, “I Belong to You” and “Shout for Joy” display what Brewster does best: melodic, guitar-driven rock songs that would fit just as well on a windows-down summer drive as a Sunday morning service. The acoustic “Made For More” and “Love By You” (the latter features a soulfully whining slide guitar gently dueling with a low-soaring e-bow throughout the verses) show Brewster’s soft side.

The albums only low-point is, unfortunately, the album’s title track, which forgoes spiritual declaration for a top-40 formula that doesn’t fit with the tone of the rest of the record.

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