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Outreach to the Elderly During COVID-19



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In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, millions of people in the U.S. face hunger like never before. As everyone practices social distancing, and self-isolation, few are more vulnerable to the virus than the elderly.        

“I’m being a little cautious,” says Deborah, “because at 69 your immune system is kind of broken down, so I’m being cautious to stay away from anybody that’s coughing, sneezing, not being smart enough to use God’s sense is what’s spreading it.”

“Sandra, do you mind if I come talk to you for a minute?” asks Operation Blessing’s Dan Reany.

Having been advised by the CDC to stay inside their houses, many people found themselves home alone for weeks on end. 

“I was diagnosed with COPD eight years ago and am being treated for that,” says Sandra Brooks. “I have other health issues, also. I feel very vulnerable and, yes, very at-risk. I am being very cautious, and I feel it’s called for.”

Operation Blessing’s hunger relief partner, Outreach for Christ, knew these seniors had nowhere to turn for groceries. Ministry Director, Tammy Savola, decided to take the food from Operation Blessing where it was needed most: straight to the homes of the elderly.

“Now feeding people is something you guys have been doing for quite a while, but door-to-door distributions is something you just started due to the coronavirus, right?” asks Dan. 
“Yes, I mean, a lot of them don’t have their children to take care of them or bring them things, so if it weren’t for us, I don’t think anybody else would be doing it,” says Tammy. “I know it means a lot to them. I just feel like God calls us to reach the people who need to be reached. If they’re asking, we’re going.”

“I was running low,” said Sandra. “Finally I had to reach out and say, ‘I need some paper products really bad!’ Here they are. I’m smiling and they’re smiling and I feel it, and I love them all so, so much.” 

For as long as this pandemic lasts, Outreach for Christ will be able to visit Operation Blessing’s warehouse multiple times a month, filling up their truck with groceries and other supplies for people who might otherwise be forgotten.

“This is not our first venture with Operation Blessing, and they’re doing amazing things all around the world, and I would encourage everyone to get behind and support this,” says Tammy. “Even if you’re not able to go on a mission trip or go do the delivering of the groceries, if you had a part in it, you went there, you did it, you had a part to play in it.”

Everywhere the Outreach for Christ team went, people receiving food and household goods were grateful to God, and the partners of Operation Blessing.  

“It’s very awesome to see God’s hand in everything and seeing God working. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s not even a big enough word.”

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