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Record Western Snowpack Buys Time for Agreement on Managing Region's Depleted Water Supply


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'We're Living in the End Times': Bible Scholar Breaks Down Israel's Prophetic Place in the Bible and Today's Headlines

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, founder of Israel Today Ministries and author of the book, “Hope Rising: Messianic Promise,” recently decried the “growing anti-Semitism” he said has gone “global.”

'Take Back the Rainbow:' Former Transgender, Lesbian Drug Dealer's Mandate from God

Nichol Collins lived as a lesbian and drug dealer for 20 years. But now she's a Christian who stands up for God and her faith. After breaking free, Collins says God gave her a mandate.

'The Biggest Water Baptism' in US History? 4,166 Baptized at Historic Beach from Jesus Movement

Another big sign of spiritual revival in America just took place at a historic location in California. More than 4,000 people were baptized in Pirate's Cove on Pentecost Sunday to celebrate not only the gift of eternal life but to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Jesus Movement.

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Error in Signaling System Led to Train Crash that Killed 275 People in India, Official Says

An Indian railway official says the derailment that killed 275 people and injured hundreds more was caused by an error in the electronic signaling system that led a train to wrongly change tracks and crash into a freight train. Authorities worked to clear the mangled wreckage of the two passenger trains that derailed Friday night in Odisha state in one of the country’s deadliest rail disasters in decades. The railway official says the root cause of the crash was related to an error in the electronic signaling system. 

North Korean Horror: 2-Year-Old Reportedly Sentenced to Life in Prison Camp After Family Found With Bible

North Korea has long been known to be the most repressive place in the world for Christians, with believers facing intense persecution for simply revering Jesus and the Bible.

Police Announce Major Break in Murder Case Surrounding Christian Councilwoman Shot Outside Her NJ Home

Police made an arrest this week months after a Republican councilwoman was gunned down outside her New Jersey home, with the break in the case leaving officials and loved ones with even more questions.