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'The Biggest Water Baptism in History': 4,166 Baptized at Historic Beach from Jesus Movement


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'We Need to Act Fast': Disney+ Green Lights Show About Girl Carrying Satan's Baby

The family-friendly entertainment organization MovieGuide is sounding the alarm about an upcoming Disney+ that features a teenage girl's love affair with Satan.

Hundreds Gather for Pensacola's Family Beach Fest, 79 Choose Christ: 'We're Just Getting Started'

Hundreds gathered at Pensacola Beach on Memorial Day weekend to pray, worship, and give their lives to Jesus Christ. It was the 6th annual Family Beach Fest with special guest Sean Feucht leading worship.

Grandson of Shirley Jones Crashed on Cocaine After Losing 'The Voice' - As He Was Dying, He Cried Out to Jesus

Jack Cassidy was 17 when he was chosen to compete on "The Voice." He was in his element and convinced he could win. But when Jack was cut from the contest, his dreams were dashed, and his life was soon hanging in the balance.

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Jerusalem 'March of Life' by Christian Descendants of Nazis Helps Bring Healing, Unity

Against a backdrop of growing anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, Christians who are descendants of Nazis are asking forgiveness from Holocaust survivors, their descendants, and the Jewish people; and this move is leading to a greater sense of unity. Jerusalem's Deputy Mayor, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, welcomed the Christians to the city. 

2 Pro-Life Supporters Violently Beaten While Praying Outside Planned Parenthood in Baltimore

Police are searching for a violent assailant after two pro-life advocates were violently beaten while reportedly praying outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Baltimore.

House Voting Tonight on Debt Limit Bill as Freedom Caucus Rallies Against It

Despite blowback from some Republicans and some Democrats, the debt-ceiling deal has advanced out of committee and is now on track for a floor vote in the House of Representatives.