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China Moves to Dominate World Food Supply: 'Food Is Power'

During the pandemic, Americans experienced food shortages due to the impact on the world's vulnerable supply chain. While that situation has somewhat recovered, another global event could make that recent experience the new normal. Two experts warn a brewing battle between the U.S. and China over control of the world's food supply could become such an event. 

'Did Jesus Teach Hell Is Real?' Apologist Explains Biblical Reality of a 'Literal Hell'

Hell is a topic many tend to avoid, yet the questions surrounding its existence, what the Bible proclaims, and what the afterlife entails are essential to ask, answer, and ponder.

'I…Found Jesus': Famed TV Host Julie Chen Moonves Reveals How Faith, Forgiveness Have Transformed Her Life

Longtime “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves is known for her successful TV career, but she’s also making headlines this month for another reason: her Christian faith.

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'It's All God': Butcher-Turned-Pastor Explains How He's Monumentally Grown His Church, Led Hundreds to Christ

A Kentucky pastor who’s been preaching for decades offered a simple but powerful blueprint for sharing the Gospel — and a reminder every Christian should heed.

Supreme Court to Decide Landmark Case on 'Orwellian' Era of Social Media Censorship

The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to wade into the years-long, heated discussion about free speech online and decide whether states can defend the First Amendment by prohibiting social media platforms from censoring certain posts and accounts. 

Government shutdown averted with little time to spare as Biden signs funding before midnight

WASHINGTON (AP) - The threat of a federal government shutdown suddenly lifted late Saturday as President Joe Biden signed a temporary funding bill to keep agencies open with little time to spare after Congress rushed to approve the bipartisan deal.