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Christian Homeschooling Family Who Fled German Persecution Facing Deportation by Biden Admin

A Christian home-school family that was granted asylum in the United States 15 years ago after facing persecution in Germany, will be deported to their home country on orders from the Biden administration.

Chemo Wasn't an Option - That's When God Supernaturally Healed This Man of Inoperable Cancer

David Baker had stage four melanoma. A tumor on the side of his face had grown so huge he couldn't see out of his right eye, and he could barely eat. Doctors said there was nothing they could do. But David managed to get to church on Easter morning, and that's where he received a miracle.

'Digital Abomination': Transhumanism, the New AI Religion and the Globalist Agenda for Your Future

Microchips implanted in our brains and artificial intelligence much smarter than humans. It sounds like a science fiction novel, but could such technological advances really be imminent?  

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Biden Makes History Joining Striking United Auto Workers on Picket Line

President Joe Biden became the first president in history Tuesday to stand alongside striking union workers on the picket line. 

Atheist Group Claims Auburn's Football Coach Attending Revival Is 'Unconstitutional'

A prominent atheist group is throwing cold water on an impromptu baptism service at Auburn University. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is rebuking the Alabama-based college’s football coach, Hugh Freeze, for attending and helping with a revival event, calling his association with the baptism service “unconstitutional.”

NYC Agrees to Spend $1.365 Billion to Rent Hotels to House Migrants

New York City officials' ongoing quest for shelters to house the migrants flooding into Gotham has led them to rent the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. And it turns out all that rental money will go to Pakistan.