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'Digital Abomination': Transhumanism, the New AI Religion and the Globalist Agenda for Your Future

Microchips implanted in our brains and artificial intelligence much smarter than humans. It sounds like a science fiction novel, but could such technological advances really be imminent?  

China's Confucius Classrooms in US Public Schools: Are They Brainwashing America's Children?

China is believed to have spent at least $17 million establishing so-called "Confucius Classrooms" in 143 school districts across the US, teaching school children Beijing's view of the world.

Two New Polls Show Concerning Numbers for Biden, as Days Dwindle for GOP Leaders to Avert Shutdown

Two new polls reveal high voter concern about President Joe Biden's term in the White House. An NBC News poll shows the president's disapproval rating at the highest level to date, and in a Washington Post-ABC News survey, 44 percent of respondents said they were worse off than before the Biden presidency, the highest percentage in nearly 40 years. Meanwhile, the G.O.P. has its own trouble, as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy looks for a compromise solution to fund the government.

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These Two Outspoken Christians Were Named to Time's 100 Next List

Sarah Jakes Roberts, a co-pastor of The Potters House in Dallas, Texas, and NASA astronaut Victor J. Glover, Jr. have been named to Time magazine's 2023 100 Next List. It's a list the media company said is a possible glimpse at "what society's future and future leaders will look like."

Newsom Vetoes Bill That Would Punish Parents Who Don't Affirm Child's Trans Disorder

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has vetoed a bill that would have required judges to consider whether parents affirmed their child's gender disorder when making decisions in custody court battles.

Asbury and Other Evangelical Colleges Report Record Numbers of New Students Enrolling

Evangelical colleges and universities across the country are reporting a record number of new students have registered for classes this fall.