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Federal Court Rules Christian Teachers Can't Be Forced to Lie to Parents About Kids' Gender Confusion

A federal judge has ruled in favor of two Christian teachers who refused to uphold their school's policy that required staff to lie to parents and hide students' gender confusion.

'This Is Blasphemy': Dallas Church Pledges Allegiance to Drag Queens and LGBT Agenda

A Dallas, Texas church hosted a group of drag queens Sunday in order to "bless" them and to respond to a state law that would make sexually-oriented performances in front of children a criminal offense. The church then went a step further, pledging allegiance to the LGBT agenda while praying aloud, "We pledge to be allies to the drag community."

Reagan Conservatism, Trump Populism and the Future of the GOP: What's Next?

The last time Republicans debated in Simi Valley California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, participants included then-candidate Donald Trump. He won't be on the debate stage this time around, and he's also one of the main reasons the GOP is no longer considered the party of Reagan.

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'Repent Tents' and 10-Foot Cross to Be Placed at TN Capitol for Non-Stop Prayer: 'Desperation for God'

Faith leaders in Tennessee are sending out a "clarion call" to other believers to join them next week to praise, worship, and intercede for America in hopes of not only seeing a change in the nation but to "advance God's Kingdom" to save the lost.  

Pro-Life Community in Israel Convenes First National Prayer Gathering to Stop Abortion

Abortion opponents have organized the country's first national pro-life prayer effort at locations such as Gardens of Life near Jerusalem. They recognize their fight is an uphill battle in largely pro-choice Israel. Sandy Shoshani's organization, Be'ad Chaim (Pro-Life Israel) has saved an estimated 5,000 babies from abortion over the last couple of decades. It's an ongoing effort because of the ease in obtaining the procedure here.

Pastor Gets Pulled Over for Speeding, Then Police Officer Gives Him an Escort Instead of a Ticket

After being pulled over for speeding, a Springfield, Illinois pastor won't soon forget the kindness of a local police officer who escorted him directly to the hospital after he explained his daughter was experiencing a life-threatening medical condition.