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'Take Back the Rainbow:' Former Transgender, Lesbian Drug Dealer's Mandate from God

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'Take Back the Rainbow:' Former Transgender, Lesbian Drug Dealer's Mandate from God

Nichol Collins lived as a lesbian and drug dealer for 20 years. But now she's a Christian who stands up for God and her faith. After breaking free, Collins says God gave her a mandate.

Christian Man Sentenced to Death for 'Blasphemy'; Christian Mom Beaten, Confined by Muslims

Two heartbreaking examples of persecution against Christians are making headlines in Pakistan.

'The Biggest Water Baptism' in US History? 4,166 Baptized at Historic Beach from Jesus Movement

Another big sign of spiritual revival in America just took place at a historic location in California. More than 4,000 people were baptized in Pirate's Cove on Pentecost Sunday to celebrate not only the gift of eternal life but to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Jesus Movement.

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Israeli Knesset Members Decry Verbal, Physical Attack on Participants at Isaiah 62 Prayer Event

Last weekend's conclusion of the global Isaiah 62 prayer and fast for Israel was an overwhelming success, but there was one aspect about it that took the attendees and many members of the Jewish community in Jerusalem by surprise. Before, during, and after that prayer meeting, a large number of ultra-Orthodox demonstrators harassed and even attacked some who attended the event. They called the participants "missionaries" and the protests turned violent.

Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Extends Global Reach to Make Israel a 'Praise' on Earth

Hundreds of Jews and Christians gathered this week for the 7th annual Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. The meeting follows the biblical command to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Representatives from nearly 50 nations joined this year's event. Michele Bachmann, co-chair of the prayer breakfast and dean of Regent University's School of Government explained, "It's very simple. It's not political. Our mission is to pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

Just Days to Spare, Senate Gives Final Approval to Debt Ceiling Deal, Sending it to Biden

Fending off a U.S. default, the Senate gave final approval late Thursday to a debt ceiling and budget cuts package, grinding into the night to wrap up work on the bipartisan deal and send it to President Joe Biden's desk to become law before the fast-approaching deadline.