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Kirk Franklin's Raw Journey to Meeting His Father for the First Time at 53: 'I Wanted a Daddy so Bad'

Grammy Award-winning artist Kirk Franklin is opening up about the trauma, deception, and pain he experienced in his childhood, saying that being orphaned left him broken and living a life full of insecurities, despite his success in the music industry. 

'We've Got to Wake Up!' Supermodel Kathy Ireland's Powerful Pro-Life Message

Model-turned-entrepreneur Kathy Ireland was recently honored at an influential pro-life gala, but the business mogul told the audience she wasn’t always on the side of life.

This Man Converted to Islam, but Then He Met Jesus in a Supernatural Dream and It Changed Everything

Mike Westerfield was in crisis mode. He was raised as a "religious Christian," but when he had no answers for the Muslim inmates who were giving him Islamic literature, he did the unthinkable. He converted to Islam. Years later, he met Jesus...

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Christian Film Making Company Releases Family-Friendly 'Camp Hideout' in Theaters

Another crowd-funded film project is hitting theaters for the first time. Called Higher Studios, a crowd-funded, Christian filmmaking company, is now premiering its first movie.

Judge Says She's Ending Conservatorship Between Former NFL player Michael Oher and Tuohy Family

A Tennessee judge said Friday she is ending a conservatorship agreement between former NFL player Michael Oher and a Memphis couple who took him in when he was in high school, but the highly-publicized dispute over financial issues will continue.

Immigrant Restaurant Owner Who Came to US With $20 Stunned by $10,000 Tip

When Alfonso Brito immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico, he and his wife had just $20 to their names — but things have changed for the better since they first crossed the border.