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Jonathan Cahn Says Ancient Biblical Mystery Foretold Hamas Invasion: 'What the Bible Says Is True'

Best-selling author Jonathan Cahn reveals that a Biblical promise from the Old Testament foretold of the Hamas invasion of Israel that took place on October 7.

Israel Gains Key Intel by Capturing Hundreds of Hamas Terrorists; US Criticizes Israel

Two months after Hamas's October 7th massacre, the Israeli military is making steady progress in its mission to destroy the terror group. In a stunning reversal from the Gaza celebrations last October, hundreds of suspected terrorists have been captured.

'Jesus Revolution' and 'Chosen' Directors, Ex-Netflix Exec Form $75M Faith-Based Studio

Two entertainment professionals have raised over $75 million to launch a production studio to create high-quality inspirational TV series and motion pictures for faith-based and values-oriented audiences.

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Six French Teens Convicted Over Their Roles in an Islamic Extremist's Killing of a Teacher

A French juvenile court on Friday convicted six teenagers for their roles in the beheading of a teacher by an Islamic extremist that shocked the country.

Michigan Teen Gets Life in Prison for Oxford High School Attack

A teenager was sentenced to life in prison Friday for killing four students, wounding more, and terrorizing Michigan’s Oxford High School in 2021.

Burrito Brouhaha: Judge Sentences Woman to Work in Fast Food After Chipotle Attack

Popularized in TV shows and movies, throwing food in someone's face has been the subject of comedy sketches ever since the Three Stooges appeared on movie screens in the mid-1930s. However, one Ohio woman recently found out that throwing hot food into someone's face in real life is no laughing matter.