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Hamas Shatters Ceasefire with Rockets as Blinken Pushes Two-State Solution

Hamas shattered the ceasefire Friday by firing terrorist rockets at Israel, triggering an end to a week-long pause in the Gaza fighting. Israel also accused the terror group of violating the truce agreement. Here's where things stand with the hostage situation:

'The Josiah Manifesto': Jonathan Cahn on Combating End Times Darkness

A darkness has come upon the world. It is an ancient darkness, and yet new in its manifesting.

'Son of Hamas' Tackles University Antisemitism, Exposes Hamas 'Holy War' to Wipe Out Jews

The son of a co-founder of Hamas is speaking out against the Palestinian terrorist group once again, this time to a pro-Israel anti-disinformation group on the campus of the University of Michigan Tuesday night. 

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'Jesus...And Icing': Little Girl's 'Chosen'-Themed Birthday Bash Goes Viral

While most young girls celebrate their birthday with a princess party or maybe a Barbie-theme, one little four-year-old named Kylie decided she wanted to make her bash all about Jesus. 

Record-Breaking Jesus Film Project Unveils New Animated 'JESUS' Movie Coming 2025

An evangelistic tool that's been winning people to Jesus Christ around the world since 1979 is moving into a new era. It's known simply as the Jesus Film and it's believed to be the most-watched movie on the planet.

CA Mom Begs SCOTUS to Protect Parental Rights After Gender-Confused Daughter's Suicide

A California mom who lost her daughter to suicide after losing custody because she did not celebrate her gender dysphoria is now urging the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS) to protect parental rights to save other children from the dangers of gender ideology.