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Pastor and Plumber Help East Palestine Residents, Months After Toxic Spill: 'By the Grace of God'


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'We're Living in the End Times': Bible Scholar Breaks Down Israel's Prophetic Place in the Bible and Today's Headlines

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, founder of Israel Today Ministries and author of the book, “Hope Rising: Messianic Promise,” recently decried the “growing anti-Semitism” he said has gone “global.”

'I Could Feel the Presence of the Lord': Valedictorian Shares Full Gospel During Graduation Speech

A Texas valedictorian boldly took the stage during her high school graduation and told more than 10,000 people all about Jesus and the free gift of salvation that completely changed her life.

'Take Back the Rainbow:' Former Transgender, Lesbian Drug Dealer's Mandate from God

Nichol Collins lived as a lesbian and drug dealer for 20 years. But now she's a Christian who stands up for God and her faith. After breaking free, Collins says God gave her a mandate.

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70K Hear Gospel in Franklin Graham's South Korea Outreach: 'A Simple Message of God's Love'

Rev. Franklin Graham preached to thousands at Seoul World Cup Stadium on Saturday – 50 years after his father's historic outreach changed the spiritual landscape of South Korea.  
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Aggressive Chinese Warship Gets Dangerously Close to US Destroyer, Risking Disaster

New video today shows just how close a Chinese warship came to a U.S. military destroyer in the Taiwan Strait on Saturday –  roughly 150 yards – nearly causing a collision. 

Sonic Boom Heard Across DC, Flares Fly as Fighter Jet Scrambles; Unresponsive Plane Crashes in VA

A wayward and unresponsive business plane that flew over the nation's capital Sunday afternoon caused the military to scramble a fighter jet before the plane crashed in Virginia, officials said. The fighter jet caused a loud sonic boom that was heard across the capital region.