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Ex-Gays Reveal How to Reach Out to LGBTQ Community: 'I Love You and God Loves You'


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Ex-Gays Reveal How to Reach Out to LGBTQ Community: 'I Love You and God Loves You'

Members of the LGBTQ community often clash with Christians over the biblical stance against homosexuality. Following a recent tragedy in Colorado, ex-gays, who are Christians, are offering advice on how to navigate and minister when two very different worldviews collide.

'The Chosen' Creator Addresses Pride Flag Flap After Accepting K-Love Fan Award

The faith-based hit series "The Chosen" won its second K-LOVE Fan Award Saturday for its powerful depiction of Jesus feeding the 5,000, but the big moment came in the middle of a controversy. The day after receiving the award, the series' director and creator addressed the online debate about a gay pride flag spotted in a promotional video, saying the production company does not "have a religious or political litmus test."

'We're Living in the End Times': Bible Scholar Breaks Down Israel's Prophetic Place in the Bible and Today's Headlines

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, founder of Israel Today Ministries and author of the book, “Hope Rising: Messianic Promise,” recently decried the “growing anti-Semitism” he said has gone “global.”

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'It's the Devil Masquerading': Ex-Psychic Warns of Bizarre, Dangerous 'Starseeds' Phenomenon

An ex-psychic medium is addressing yet another occultic phenomenon spreading across social media: the concept of so-called “starseeds.”

DC Library, Schools Host Pride Events for Kids: 'Never Been a Better Time to Homeschool'

The District of Columbia Public Library just celebrated LGBT Pride Month at several of its branches by organizing a "Children's Pride Parade" and festival on Saturday.   

Pastor and Plumber Help East Palestine Residents, Months After Toxic Spill: 'By the Grace of God'

For some, this has become a crisis of uncertainty due to the long-term impact of the derailment and spill. Pastor Sevacko, though, sees a resilient community leaning on their faith that God will heal their land.