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'Extreme': Ohio Constitutional Amendment Could Revoke Parental Rights on Abortion, Trans Surgeries


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'The Biggest Water Baptism' in US History? 4,166 Baptized at Historic Beach from Jesus Movement

Another big sign of spiritual revival in America just took place at a historic location in California. More than 4,000 people were baptized in Pirate's Cove on Pentecost Sunday to celebrate not only the gift of eternal life but to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Jesus Movement.

'We Need to Act Fast': Disney+ Green Lights Show About Girl Carrying Satan's Baby

The family-friendly entertainment organization MovieGuide is sounding the alarm about an upcoming Disney+ that features a teenage girl's love affair with Satan.

'The SBC Is in Crisis': Rick Warren's New Video Series Addresses Unprecedented Baptist Decline

Former Saddleback Church pastor and author Rick Warren has announced the launch of a four-part video series addressing what he calls the unprecedented decline of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

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Christian Man Sentenced to Death for 'Blasphemy'; Christian Mom Beaten, Confined by Muslims

Two heartbreaking examples of persecution against Christians are making headlines in Pakistan.

GOP Presidential Candidates Blitz Early Voting States as 2 More Plan to Enter Primary

The 2024 primary season is ramping up and GOP hopefuls are already inundating early-voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire with campaign stops.

Ray Comfort Reports Richard Dawkins' Right-Hand Man Has Reportedly Put His Faith in Jesus

Popular evangelist Ray Comfort on Wednesday teased a captivating video he said would soon be coming to his ministry’s YouTube channel — an interview he believes will deeply inspire Christian audiences.