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Under the Radar: God’s Smuggler Brings Gospel to Darkest Places on Earth


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For decades, a missionary known as Brother Andrew has had one mission, and that is to bring the Gospel to some of the darkest places on earth.
"God spoke to me again through his Word, 'Awake, strengthen what remains, which is at the point of death.' "Then I understood I had to go to the Christians," he said.

In 1955, he made his first of many trips behind the Iron Curtain, delivering Bibles and encouraging the Church in the communist world.

He became known as God's smuggler.

In a 2014 webcast hosted by his ministry Open Doors, Brother Andrew shared that in the 1970s he sensed communism was dying and a new evil was rising to take its place.
"The only power that can overcome a bad power is a worse power and I saw that already then as the Islam," he said.

Today, his ministry to the persecuted Church stretches to 60 nations.

It's annual World Watch list highlights the suffering of Christians and calls on the Church to pray and speak out on their behalf.

He also encourages Christians to reach the Muslim world.
"We must love the Muslims just as much as we love the Christians or ourselves," he explained. "I find the more radical the Muslims are, the more receptive they are to receive the word of God."

"And why is that?" he asked. "Probably they are waiting for someone to break through the barrier and tell them that God loves them, too."

Brother Andrew still takes risks to preach the Gospel. He's visited the leaders of groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and the Taliban, and scoffs at being called courageous.
"It's nonsense to talk about guts. I think we should be afraid not to do it," he said.

This bold believer with a lifetime of service breaks down at the thought of failing to share the hope of Jesus Christ.
"You're not afraid of people because they have a problem and I have the answer," he said. "It makes me cry to think of it. What am I doing with that answer? God have mercy."

While Brother Andrew changed history through faith and daring, he encourages Christians to simply begin serving where they are.
"If we have no eye how to see the lost that are all around us how can we ever have God's love for the people far away?" he asked.

"No one ever becomes a missionary by crossing the ocean," he continued. "You are here as a missionary or you're not a missionary. And that's the marvelous thing about being a simple, obedient follower of Jesus."

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