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'Pray': Celebs, Pastors, and Politicians Turn People Toward God Amid Deadly Ukraine Invasion


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Pastors, celebrities, and politicians are responding to Russia’s violent invasion of Ukraine with powerful calls for prayer. From sitting members of Congress to well-known preachers, the list of those speaking out is growing.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was among those who issued a firm and resolute response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sinister actions, proclaiming that his “aggression cannot stand.”

“Russian aggression cannot stand,” she tweeted. “Pray for the people of Ukraine.”

Former President George W. Bush, the commander-in-chief under whom Rice served, also issued a stunning rebuke — something that has been relatively rare for him since leaving office.

Bush lambasted Russia and called the assault on Ukraine the “gravest security crisis on the European continent since World War II.”

The former president went even further than that, saying Ukraine deserves America’s “full support.”

“I join the international community in condemning Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine. The American government and people must stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as they seek freedom and the right to choose their own future,” Bush said. “We cannot tolerate the authoritarian bullying and danger that Putin poses.”

Christian speakers and faith leaders also took to social media to make powerful appeals.

“Do not imagine for a moment prayer doesn’t matter. Pray for Ukraine. Pray for divine intervention,” Beth Moore wrote. “Miraculous protection. Pray for the presence of Jesus to permeate households & hiding places & be a shield & comfort to them. Pray a Psalm—maybe 27 or 31—as intercession. Let’s pray.”

Harvest Christian Fellowship Pastor Greg Laurie also boldly called for prayer, not only for Ukraine but also for American leaders who are forced to respond to the chaos.

“As you know, Russia has attacked Ukraine. Let’s all be in prayer for the people there,” Laurie said. “Pray also for our leadership that they make wise and prudent decisions in the next few critical hours.”

Here are some of the other powerful responses from politicians, celebrities, and others:

As Faithwire previously reported, some Russian citizens have also been risking freedom and safety to protest Putin’s actions, despite being warned not to make their voices heard on the matter.

Prayer has remained a powerful tool around the globe. Christians and Jewish adherents came together to pray in recent days.

And CNN’s Clarissa Ward also highlighted a group of Christians who knelt on the cold ground outside in Kharkiv to pray for peace. Ward described the decisive moment as “very moving.”

Please continue to pray for Ukraine, for Putin, for the Russians speaking out against their government, for American leaders, and for God’s will to be done and His name to be glorified in this tragic situation.

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