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Pakistani Muslims Celebrate Paris Massacre


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Hardline Muslims in Pakistan held a special memorial event to honor the two terrorists who murdered journalists and cartoonists in Paris.

Muslim clerics led the ceremony in Peshawar in northwest Pakistan. They praised the killers, saying they did the right thing to avenge the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo for its blasphemy against Mohammed.

"We are here to appreciate and give tribute to the Paris attackers. They did the job for all the Muslim communities; they did our work for us," Pir Mohammad Chishti, provincial chief of the Pakistan People's Movement, said.

"Blasphemers against the Prophet are the enemies of all Muslims. So those young men who sacrificed their lives and sent the blasphemers to the hell, we salute them all for their martyrdom," Chishti said.

About 40 supporters joined in the celebration of murder, holding signs supporting "the killing of those involved in blasphemy."

Another sign read: "A strong message was needed and they delivered it. We salute the Messengers."

And a Muslim professor defended the attacks, saying the killings were justified, so they weren't terrorism.

"We have to make it disambiguous that it is not terrorism. It was never, ever any linkage with terrorism," Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, a professor at Punjab University, said.

The Muslim leaders even kissed the names of the killers that were written on a large banner, and they pronounced blessings over them.

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