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Homeschool Graduate Gears Up to Bring Big Changes to Canada


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A 19-year-old homeschool graduate has become the youngest Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario history, winning by more than 50 percent of the popular vote.

Sam Oosterhoff beat out New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Mike Thomas, 61, and Liberal Party candidate Vicky Ringuette, 37, to win the seat in Parliament on Thursday.

"Today we sent a very strong message to Premier (Kathleen) Wynne: People are fed up. People have had enough of soaring hydro rates. People have had enough of cuts to health care," he told supporters following his win.

The Brock University student, who suspended his studies in political science to run for the seat,  won 54 percent of the vote in Niagara West-Glanbrook.

Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown  told the Canadian Press that Oosterhoff won largely because he focused on Canada's economy instead of resorting to campaign smearing, like his opponents.

"The Liberals resorted to a smear campaign on Sam, but Sam focused on jobs. Sam focused on how we're going to get Ontario back on its feet," said Brown.

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) told LifeSite News that the Liberal party's effort to defame him were in vain.

Fonseca described him as a "pro-life and pro-family politician, and the result was the highest vote percentage since at least the past five elections."

Oosterhoff is a member of the Canadian Reformed Church. During his campaign, he said that he would be "a voice for common-sense, pro-family policies and concerns" in the government.

"I will never waver in my support of parents as primary educators, and I will strive to ensure that parental rights are respected in education," Oosterhoff had outlined on his campaign website.

Shortly after his win, Oosterhoff did evade question over whether he believed homosexuality was a sin, and whether he will support Bill 28, which makes it easier for lesbian and gay parents to have children, Canadian Press reports.

"I believe we need to treat everyone with dignity and respect," Oosterhoff replied. "I reach out to all communities."

Fonseca applauds Oosterhoff for sticking to his values and not backing down.

"What this teaches us is that socially conservative politicians can win elections by being unapologetic about their pro-life and pro-family beliefs," Fonseca said.


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