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Hamas-Allied Jihadists and Paramilitary Forces Launch Genocidal Massacres in Darfur


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Refugees fleeing from fighting in Chad have reported a spate of new killings in Sudan's West Darfur by Islamic jihadists and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). 

Reuters reported three refugees crossing from Darfur into Chad said they witnessed Islamic terrorists and RSF forces targeting the Masalit ethnic group in Ardamata, an outlying district in El Geneina. 

The outlet reported earlier this year, that the same groups conducted weeks of attacks targeting the Masalit, El Geneina's majority ethnic African tribe. 

Arab tribal leaders have denied any involvement in ethnic cleansing in the region. The RSF said it was not involved in what it called a tribal conflict. 

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slider img 2Conservative political pundit Walid Phares took to the social platform X earlier this week to raise attention to the latest Darfur escalation in a series of posts. 

Monday, Phares included a photo of dead bodies lying in the street of one village as proof that the genocidal attacks have resumed. 

"Reports from West #Darfur received today unveil that 773 African civilians including mostly teenagers, but women and elderly as well, have been massacred by the Jihadi #Janjaweed in the #Geneina area. Reports talks about hundreds burned and many detained and brutalized on their way for exodus. The Janjaweed are allies to a network of militias in the Middle East and North Africa that includes #Hamas and #Hezbollah. Voices from Darfur are urging the US and Europe, as well as the Arab League to intervene at once."

In another post, Phares included photos of the destruction of one of the villages. 

"Towns razed, homes burned, villagers massacred, whipped. Pictures from the destruction of #Jeneina in #Darfur, few months ago. Now the jihadi terror militias regime the gradual genocide. Who will protest for these poor Africans in the West? Certainly not the allies of Hamas," Phares wrote. 

In a later post, he also called on a multinational force to protect the African population from genocide. 

"A multinational force to deploy in #Darfur, to protect the African population from genocide by jihadi militias, is an urgent must. Most residents of the capital of #WestDarfur have been massacred and ethnic cleansed," Phares wrote on Wednesday. 

Last month, U.N. Undersecretary-General Martin Griffith said six months of war between Sudan's military and a powerful paramilitary group has killed up to 9,000 people and created "one of the worst humanitarian nightmares in recent history."

According to the U.N. migration agency, more than 4.5 million people were displaced inside Sudan, while over 1.2 million others sought refuge in neighboring countries. The fighting also left 25 million people — more than half of the country's population — in need of humanitarian aid, Griffiths said.

The International Criminal Court's prosecutor, Karim Khan, told the U.N. Security Council in July they were investigating alleged new war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

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