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China Driving Marxist Takeover of Latin America: 'Aggressive Hostility Towards the United States'


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A new wave of Marxist victories at the ballot box has spread throughout Latin America and a former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense says Chinese communists are behind the leftward shift.

Chilean voters recently elected 35-year-old Marxist Gabriel Boric as their new president, just six months after Peruvians elected Marxist Pedro Castillo as their president.

One day after Castillo was sworn in, he appointed Marxist Guido Bellido, as Peruvian prime minister.  

Appearing on the CBN News program The Global Lane, Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy who served at the Pentagon during the Reagan administration, said the Marxist trend will continue this year, possibly leading to communist takeovers elsewhere in South America.

"That is because the forces that have helped bring about essentially communist takeovers, albeit via elections initially in these various countries, is almost certainly going to be replicated in Colombia and Brazil in the course of the next few months," Gaffney warned.

And he believes that may lead to a region dominated by radicals and communists whose agendas are not only inimical to freedom and prosperity in their own countries, but also to the interests of the United States. 

Gaffney said Chinese communists dominate an organization called the Forum of Sao Paulo. He says the group is also enabled and supported by Chinese allies - including Russia and Iran.

"The agenda of this Forum of Sao Paulo is, is very straightforward," Gaffney explained. "It is a complete and fundamental transformation - as Barack Obama likes to say - of this hemisphere, and a deep, and I think aggressive hostility towards the United States."

Gaffney predicts a destabilization of the Western Hemisphere is likely to occur as communists spread their influence and control of governments in Latin America,

"I think you're going to see drug trafficking greatly intensified," he said. "And not least you're going to see a further uptick of the kind of surging flow of illegal immigration into this country, all of which is going to be very problematic for us."

So, how should the United States respond?

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