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31st Annual Bible Reading Marathon Kicks Off in Nation's Capitol


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The much anticipated Bible Reading Marathon begins today in Washington DC and will run until September 16.

The event will take place at the Faith & Liberty headquarters where speakers will begin reading from at 2:00 p.m. EST. 

After 90 continuous hours of reading, the marathon is set to conclude Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. with the reading of Revelation 22. 

Due to COVID-19, the 5-day marathon was postponed from its usual springtime reading to late summer. 

Seedline International, a Bible distribution ministry in Brazil, Indiana, began facilitating the event in 2019. Keith Davidson, director of Seedline, said the purpose of the event is to "exhort our nation to return to Biblical principles." 

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Hundreds of people from around the world will have an opportunity to read the Scriptures during the event either in person or online. Seedline will also provide Bibles in over 100 languages, allowing guests from other countries to participate in the marathon by using their native language.

Davidson told The Christian Post that he believes at least 25 percent of this year's readers will be virtual.

"We didn't want to exclude anybody because of COVID," Davidson said. 

And he highlighted the importance of having the marathon...considering all of the challenges generated so far this year. 

"This read, especially this year, is needed across our country. I think our nation's hope lies in the word of God," he proclaimed. "I think the Bible is our foundation and can give us that duration and give us hope to get back to where America once was."

To learn more about the Bible Reading Marathon or to participate through reading, giving, and watching the live stream, click here.

Watch the Bible Reading Marathon below:

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