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'You Will Pay the Price': Schumer's Violent Rhetoric Goes Viral Again After Attempted Murder of Justice Kavanaugh


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The Department of Justice has charged a California man with the attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

U.S. Marshals patrolling outside of Kavanaugh's Maryland home stopped the heavily armed suspect early Wednesday. He reportedly said he was upset about the leaked Supreme Court opinion on abortion and the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

U.S. Marshals patrol outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, after murder attempt, June 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Since the leaked opinion was made public in early May, protestors have gathered regularly outside of the homes of Kavanaugh and other conservative Supreme Court justices.

On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security warned that the high court's abortion case, along with immigration and the mid-term elections, could trigger domestic extremist violence

You can hear more about this story on today's Quick Start podcast from CBN News:

The build-up of left-wing rage against Kavanaugh and other pro-life justices was partly inflamed by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer when he publicly threatened him saying "you won't know what hit you." 

The clip of Schumer's violent rhetoric, which some have labeled incitement, has gone viral with millions of views and countless posts on Twitter since the attempt on Kavanaugh's life:

President Biden has condemned any threats, violence or vandalism against the justices but he's stayed silent on a growing wave of intimidation and violence aimed at conservative pro-life organizations that help women across the country.

Extremists have firebombed pro-life groups in Oregon, Wisconsin, and New York in recent weeks. Early Tuesday morning they targeted CompassCare Pregnancy Services in Buffalo, New York.

"The building itself sustained heavy damage," said CompassCare CEO Rev. Jim Harden. "It is unusable at present. At least 25% fire damage and 100% smoke damage throughout."

With signature graffiti on the side of his building, Harden suspects the abortion terrorist group known as Jane's Revenge. 

That group could also be responsible for the Wisconsin and Oregon firebombings. 

Pro-Abortion Activists Say They're at 'War', Admit to Fire-Bombing Pro-Life Office and Issue New Threats

In addition, a dozen or so crisis pregnancy centers are reporting vandalism and threatening messages. 

Sue Liebel, the state policy director for the Susan B. Anthony List, says she expects the intimidation and the violence to continue, as pro-abortion groups fear the upcoming Supreme Court decision or lash out after it.

"When someone feels like they've lost something they're more angry, they're more intense about that," she said.

Liebel predicts that post-Roe, there could be heavy picketing and even riots near statehouses debating abortion.

In this challenging climate, pro-life groups like Students for Life of America are hiring security guards and teaching volunteers at rallies to stay safe.

President Kristan Hawkins told CBN News, "A lot of times we instruct students just to remain silent, not to engage. If you are engaging, engage in a dialogue, in a one-on-one conversation, not shouting."

Most Supreme Court analysts expect a decision later this month or even in early July. That means heightened security and vigilance for pro-life organizations, Supreme Court justices, and much of Washington, D.C.

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