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#WHYBible: New Campaign to Reach Millennial Christians


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Wycliffe Bible Translators have launched a new campaign to get young people reading the Bible again.

The Millennial generation may know the ins and outs of the latest technology, but when it comes to the Bible, they are increasingly silent. A Pew Research Center study from earlier this year reveals Millennials are turning away from traditional religion in larger numbers.

Millennial’s rating of churches and other religious organizations has dipped 18 percent since 2010.

Fifty-five percent now say churches have a positive impact on the country compared with five years ago, when nearly three-quarters (73 percent) said this.

Wycliffe Bible Translators want to show young people why the Bible is important with their #WhyBible campaign.

"With each year that passes, a growing percentage of Americans believe that the Bible is just another book written by men. That's why the #WhyBible campaign exists," the organization said in a statement.

Wycliffe is using the power of telling stories to show the impact the Bible has on the world. One of the #WhyBible stories is about a man named Simon who was freed from anger and guilt by reading Scripture.

Simon was living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when tragedy struck his family. A violent militia attacked his village, raping, beating, and murdering anyone they could find. His wife and daughters were victims of a brutal rape and he could do nothing to stop their pain.

"The guilt and anger Simon felt caused the worst pain he had ever experienced,” Wycliffe said.

It was not until "God led Simon and his family to attend a trauma-healing seminar -- a Scripture based program in their own language" did he receive spiritual healing.

"It said that if I want to receive forgiveness from God, I must also forgive those who have hurt me," Simon told Wycliffe. "So now my wife and I pray for the soldiers because I have already forgiven them."

Wycliffe is using stories like these to make the Bible seem relevant again to a generation in which many believe they are just fine without it.

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