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What Does Trump's Order Mean for this Transgender Bathroom Case?


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President Trump reversed former President Barack Obama's transgender bathroom order last week. Now many are wondering what that means for several ongoing court cases. 
One case involves Gavin Grimm – a transgender student who wanted to use the boy's bathrooms at Gloucester High School in Virginia.

When his school denied the request and created a policy requiring students to use bathrooms corresponding to their biological sex, Grimm sued the Gloucester County School Board. 

When Grimm took the case to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, they ruled in his favor, ordering the school district to allow him to use the men's restroom. 
The case goes to the Supreme Court on March 28, but Obama's transgender order was a part of that case.

Now that President Trump revoked that order, some suspect the Supreme Court may simply push the case back to the lower courts to be decided. 

In the meantime, attorneys on both sides will submit their views on how the case should proceed in light of the Trump administration's decision.


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