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Viral: Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson Offers Stunning Advice after Break Up


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Eighteen-year-old Sadie Robertson, one of the stars of the wildly popular "Duck Dynasty" telelvision program, is offering Christian guidance for people going through a painful break-up.

The "Dancing With The Stars" alum revealed the personal details of the end of a highly public, two-year relationship with Blake Coward, in a YouTube video that has gone viral. 

"That is how a break up is. It's not fun, it's not easy. But when you know you need to do something, then you need to do it," she begins. 

In the video, Robertson says people enduring a difficult breakup must ask God for the strength to "break the bond of bitterness." She said they must remember that we are called to love one another, even, perhaps especially, people we are no longer dating.

"I would hope that even now, I can be there for ya'll," she tells her fans who have watched her relationship with Coward over the past two years.

"I want to be an example for ya'll in ya'll's breakups," she said. "I know exactly how you're feeling. I know how you feel when a song comes on the radio that you and that person used to sing, you immediately get sad."

Robertson acknowledges break-ups are "awful." She encouraged those going through that pain to face the reality that such an experience is going to hurt.

However, she says when a relationship ends, both parties should trust that God has a plan for their lives that includes someone even better than the person they were with. 

"I read a verse that had never stuck out to me before, but this, in particular, night, it hit me so hard. And what is said was, 'Teach me to do your will for you are my God and may Your good spirit lead me on level ground,'" she said.

She admonished everyone suffering from a broken heart to pray for guidance and strength from the Holy Spirit to move forward in life. Instead of looking back, she encourages people to seek God's purpose for their future. 

Watch Sadie Robertson's video below:


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