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Universities Helped Train the Rioters Burning American Cities by 'Cranking Out Utter Madness'


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College campuses have become training camps for radicals and are the source of the rioting in American cities, according to academics and college officials interviewed by CBN News. 

Portland State philosophy Prof. Peter Boghossian says college campuses are, without question, the source of the 'woke' movement that inspires the rioters in America's cities. 

"One hundred percent of it, absolutely, categorically, and unequivocally," he said. "The universities are cranking out utter madness."

College professors have been among those arrested in the rioting. 

Prof. Erin Thompson at the City University of New York tweeted this advice to rioters pulling down statues: "Use chain instead of rope and it'll go faster."

"I've actually been there in the midst of many of these riots. I've seen it up close and personal, and many of the rioters are indistinguishable from the people you see on campus," says Cabot Phillips, Editor-in-Chief of Campus Reform. "Because there have been so few consequences when they do go out onto these campuses and riot and protest, they've been able to test out what works. They've been able to see how they can create the most destruction, get the most outrage, and then carry that out into cities around the country."

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The radical movement that used to be confined to some academic departments now dominates whole campuses.  

Cal-Riverside Prof. Reza Aslan, who has also been a CNN host, said all Trump backers are white nationalist terror supporters who must be "eradicated from society." 

University of California Santa Barbara religion Prof. Timothy Snediker tweeted that if he had a time machine he would go back and "assassinate Jesus". 

Boghossian says 'Woke' ideology is "the dominant moral orthodoxy in virtually every campus that's now spilled out into everything. It's tech, it's media. It's…CNN is completely woke."

Cornell Law School Prof. William Jacobson, who monitors campus radicalism on his website Legal Insurrection says, "We never thought the craziness, the absolute insanity that we saw on campus would amount to anything. And what we didn't realize is that the campus moved into the culture. The students who were weaned or indoctrinated on radical ideologies and racial politics in the worst ways would then move on to corporations and would move into journalism. They are the people deciding at Twitter and Facebook and YouTube who gets silenced and who gets banned."

Jacobson has been censured by his dean and formally denounced by 21 Cornell faculty members for speaking out against the rioting and Black Lives Matter. 

But the most tragic case of campus persecution of conservatives is UNC Wilmington criminology Prof. Mike Adams. 

A Christian, he was a guest on The 700 Club.  

Hounded by the Left for years, Adams killed himself one month ago.

Boghossian says "Woke" ideology on college campuses has become a "civilizational threat," and he thinks it's already too late to save some colleges.

"I used to think three, four years ago that if we just de-funded certain departments, we could save this off a little bit," Boghossian said. "We are well beyond that. Now, now I think that the whole system has to be bulldozed."

Americans have subsidized a university system that teaches that the US government is fundamentally evil and must be torn down.

And that is exactly what rioters are trying to do. 

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