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Unbroken: What the Movie Doesn't Say about Zamperini


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Just days before his death Olympic track athlete and former WWII prisoner of war Louis Zamperini  finished his final race: the completion of his book, Don't Give Up, Don't Give in.

In it he chronicled lessons he learned during the war and what he learned after he surrendered his life to Christ.

It's a life that made even Hollywood take note. On Christmas day this year "Unbroken,"a movie about Zamperini's life, opened in theaters nationwide. It was directed by actress Angelina Jolie.

The epic feature focuses on Zamperini's childhood, Olympic adventures, and survival as a POW during WWII. It does not portray his salvation experience during a 1949 Billy Graham crusade in Los Angeles.

Click below to watch a teaser from "Unbroken."

How did Zamperini come to know Christ? CBN News' Heather Sells spoke with Zamperini's son Luke about the film, his dad's salvation, his ability to forgive, and God's timing in his father's life.

In 2003, CBN conducted a two part interview with Louis Zamperini. Click the players below to see our story.

Part 1: Zamperini talks about his early life and his experience as a prisoner of war.

Part 2: Zamperini speaks on being rescued from the Japanese and his introduction to Christ.


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